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Board Members
Mr. Kaleem Nuriddin, President

Mr. Kaleem Nuriddin is dynamic, award winning, inspirational speaker, group facilitator, and staff trainer. He has the innate ability to connect with individuals and audiences of various backgrounds, assists in identifying individual excellence, and inspires action toward meeting and exceeding goals. Mr. Nuriddin currently works as Assistant Director of the Work Services Program with Nine Star Education & Employment Services, a private not for profit workforce development organization.

Mr. Nuriddin has a long history of serving in appointed and elected positions such as: The Alaska Center for Spiritual Living, Alaska Industrial and Export Development Authority, NAACP Anchorage Branch, and Toastmasters International Alaska. He is a founder of a number of community service organizations including the African American Business Council of Alaska, House of Umoja promoting city-wide celebrations of Kwanzaa, and One Source Services providing spiritual consultation and prayer.

Kaleem has worked with private and community service organizations including: University of Alaska Anchorage, Anchorage Center for Families, and The Equitable Financial Companies. He is currently a Leadership Team Member with Nine Star Education and Employment Services and founder of One Source Inspirations, dedicated to "Inspiring Expressions of Excellence".

Dr. Patricia Partnow, Vice President

Dr. Patricia Partnow is an anthropologist from Anchorage, Alaska who has worked in multicultural education and studied ethnohistory, culture, and oral tradition in Alaska for 40 years. She formerly worked for the Alaska State Museum in Juneau, the Alaska Native Education Board, the Anchorage School District, and as Vice President of Cultural and Educational Programs at the Alaska Native Heritage Center in Anchorage. She has a secondary teaching certificate with the state of Alaska. Dr. Partnow currently works as an independent consultant, designing and evaluating culture-based materials and programs for museums, universities, school districts, the State Humanities Council, Native tribes, and other organizations throughout the country.

Dr. Partnow has degrees in Anthropology from Brown University (Phi Beta Kappa, Magna cum Laude), Northwestern University, and the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Her dissertation work focused on issues of identity and ethnicity among the Sugpiaq people of the Alaska Peninsula. She is the author of a number of articles and academic papers as well as many interdisciplinary educational curriculum units and simulation games on culture and Native languages, an interactive web site for middle school students, and several books.

Dr. Partnow's work with the nonprofit segment has extended to a number of organizations not directly related to her work. She was founding member of the Healing Racism in Anchorage board and served as its treasurer from 1997 to 2012. In addition, she has served on the following:

• 2008-2013: Alaska State Museum Collections Advisory Committee, Chair 2009 to 2013
• 2004-2010: Anchorage Museum Collections Advisory Committee, Public Member
• 1993-2010: University of Alaska Press Editorial Board; Chair, 2004 to 2010
• 1997-2003: Anchorage Historical and Fine Arts Commission
• 1988-1996: Anchorage Aquanauts Swim Club Board, Newsletter Editor
• 1986-1992: Alaska Humanities Forum (Alaska's State Humanities Council), Treasurer
• 1988-1989: Visual Arts Center of Alaska, Auction Chair
• 1982-1985: Alaska Board of State Architects, Engineers, and Land Surveyors, Public Representative
• 1974-1979: Alaska State Museum Collections Advisory Committee

Amber Frizzell, Secretary/Treasurer

Amber Frizzell is a highly talented, multifaceted project consultant. She has Bachelors degrees in International Business and Business Management from Whitworth University. Amber continued to develop skills with training at the Institute of Cultural Affairs and Small Business Development Center, and is an Accredited Investment Fiduciary.

Amber works with a number of profit and non-profit organizations in project design, cultural immersion program implementation, grant management, budget development tracking and reporting, marketing and process alignment. She was the project director for the Alaska Humanities Forum "Take Wing Alaska" program. This project incorporated Amber's skills in cross-cultural communication, facilitation, and life skill coaching to youth. She was successful in the unique challenge of supporting rural Alaska Native students in the continuum from high school to post-secondary education.

Amber has contributed her management talents to Indian Environmental General Assistance Programs, and BIA funding for the self-governing rights of Sovereign tribes, and facilitated dialogues with the National Park Service.

Amber's personal approach to working with individuals is to place a high value on human connections and foster an open and intentional team-building environment.

On being in this group:

"I know people in Anchorage are hungry to personally 'do' something for the health of our community. I am so thankful to be included in this team of people who I believe are some of the leaders in a growing grassroots movement to create an inclusive community."

Shirley Mae Springer Staten, Executive Director

Shirley Mae Springer Staten, international keynoter, singer and workshop facilitator, moves people forward beyond their limiting ideas. A born storyteller and dynamic a cappella vocalist, she brings an unrivaled blend of vision, passion and sheer virtuosity to her work.

From the age of five, Shirley Mae picked cotton in the fields of Georgia. Her transformation came with many challenges. A daydreamer and dyslexic, she graduated from high school not knowing how to read. By the early 1990s she had managed to work her way through college and earn her Bachelor's and Master's degrees.

Shirley Mae, like no one else, can weave words and music to empower her audience. She is a multitalented performing artist who motivates people to recognize and break through their self-imposed limitations. She can hold a group spellbound with stories of her struggles against the obstacles of the world. Her message will show you how to "keep movin' forward". She has released two CD's: Keep on Movin' Forward and her Perfect Love Children's CD.

Keys to Life is a 501(c)3 Federal Nonprofit Corporation
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