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Alaska Festival of Stories Weekend


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Festival of Stores will be RE-Scheduled for 2018
We are not cancelling we are Re-Seheduling the program

Story University!
Saturday, September 9
9 am - 2:30 pm – BP Center

Experience the art of oral storytelling through poetry, music and drama. A free one-day-long workshop! Pre-registration required. 

9 am to 10 am - General Session
Track 1 - 10:00 am to 11am

• Poetry that tells a Story– Shelby Wilson
• Combine Story and Song – Kippy Lanz
• Stories for the classroom- Diane Ferlatte
• Using “Rap” to tell your story - Unbreakable
• Digital stories – Marie Acemah
• The Art in Oral Telling– Alaska Storytelling Guild
• Cultures stories – members from our community

11:00 to 11:15 am Break Track 2 - 11:15 am to 12:15

• Cultural Stories – Hmong Story Cloth & African
• Writing your life story – Karen Ingraham
• Stories for Pre-School – Barbara Brown
• Drama, Theater and Storytelling – Teresa Pond
• Poetry that tells a Story– Shelby Wilson

12:30pm to 1:15 pm - Lunch 1:15 to 2:30 pm - General Session Participants may choose one workshop from Track I and Track II

Story time Sunday!
Sunday, September 10
4 - 6 pm – APU Grant Hall

Local storytellers kick off a sensational Sunday afternoon of storytelling, followed by International Storyteller Diane Ferlatte. Grammy-nominated, Diane has entranced listeners all over the world. This family friendly event is not to be missed! $15.00 ($8.00 for students and children) note: 3% processing fee added to price.

Storytelling Seminar!
UAA Graduate 500 Level Credit.

Teachers will learn how to create a stop-motion animation from start to finish, a lesson they can adapt for any grade level or subject area. They will have fun while they create a visual story with animated objects of choice, and edit it into a short film using iMovie.  This course includes the Festival of Stories Weekend.

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Workshop Presenters Information:
Barbara Brown

Barbara Brown is a writer, blogger and illustrator at, storyteller, and Leadership/Community Outreach consultant.

Kippy Lanz

Kippy Lanz, is a singer/song writer, percussionist, Kayaker and a Teaching Artist with the Hiland Mountain Lullaby Project. She has worked and performed with various local groups throughout the years crossing many different music genres. A great passion for Kippy is working with at-risk-Native Alaskan youth for almost 14 years. Music and story has been a vital tool to help her connect with their hearts to help them see what incredible, beautiful and strong souls they possess.

Teresa Pond

Teresa Pond, Lifelong Alaskan, professional theatre director regionally and Off-Broadway, Actress, writer and Artist Director for Cyrano’s Center Playhouse.

The Storytellers' Guild of Anchorage

The Storytellers' Guild of Anchorage formed in 1996. The guild holds three major storytelling events per year. Individual guild members hold and participate in other community events as well, such as the Anchorage Folk Festival, Stories in the Cemetery, storytelling tours of Anchorage, storytelling in the community in various venues. At our monthly meetings we provide mini-workshops to improve our practice of the art of storytelling. Website

Karen Ingraham
International Storyteller:

Diane Ferlatte - As a youngster Diane was steeped in the oral tradition. Her early childhood years in Louisiana were spent on her grandparent's porch with the family and neighbors swapping stories, lies, and tales. After moving to California as an adolescent, Diane has fond memories of the annual trek back to Louisiana with her family, where she recalls fishing in the bayou, making hoecake bread, singing, and storytelling. Her raconteur father would invariably lead the way with family news and history. As she grew older, Diane played the piano and sang in church choirs, performed in various stage productions, and became proficient in American Sign Language, all of which contributed to a completely unforeseen career in storytelling.

The seed for this career was planted in 1980, after Diane and her husband Tom adopted their second child. Four-year-old Joey was a boy who had been raised in a series of foster homes in front of a TV set. Diane soon realized that the nightly reading of stories that was eagerly anticipated by her daughter Cicely was absolutely of no interest to Joey. Committed to breaking him from TV and increasing his readiness for school, Diane started to story read/tell in the style for which she is so well known today, i.e., dynamic characterization with animation, expression, and interaction. Some time later her church was giving a Christmas party for foster and homeless kids and Diane was program committee chair. She told some Christmas stories and lo and behold, a career was born. She started to receive requests to tell at parties, schools, and libraries. Eventually she had to choose between her office job of seventeen years and the ever-increasing requests to tell stories. She decided that the opportunity to make a living at something that one loves and finds so rewarding was definitely worth the risk. Happily she has never looked back.

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