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Storytelling Seminar Information
ED 570
Cross-Cultural Immersion through Storytelling
1 Credit, Graded A-F
Festival of Stories Course

Dr. Allison Wilson and Shirley M. Springer Staten, Instructors of Record
University Continuing Education
Seminar Instructor: Marie Acemah, Seestories Films
Digital Storytelling Using Stop-Motion Animation

Storytelling Seminar – Dates listed below
Teachers will learn how to create a stop-motion animation from start to finish, a lesson they can adapt for any grade level or subject area. They will have fun while they create a visual story with animated objects of choice, and edit it into a short film using iMovie. Teachers do not need a background in film or video to succeed in this course. They will emerge with a self-created film and a toolkit to help their students create their own stop-motion animation. This fun, creative, and practical course requires that teachers bring a Mac laptop they can use to edit their films.

Story University – September 9, 2017
This course explores ways to integrate the art of storytelling in the classroom setting using various methods including: digital, rap, songs, poetry, writing, theater and dance. Participants will experience multi-cultural stories and engage in arts experiences to help increase their confidence and competence in the art and tapestry of stories. Local and international storytellers will share their expertise and passion for creating community through the power of stories. This class will be a part of the Keys to Life Festival of Stories Weekend. It will include International Award Winning Storyteller, Diane Ferlatte, who will be visiting from Oakland.

Festival of Stories Course:
Tuesday, August 22nd • 2 hours – 6 -8 pm – Seminar – Place TBA
Thursday, August 24th • 2 hours – 6- 8pm - Seminar
Wednesday, September 6th • 1 hour – 6 – 7 pm - Seminar
Saturday, September 9th • 5 hours – 9:30 am to 2:30 pm- Festival of Stories
Sunday, September 10th • 2 hours – 4 -6 pm – Storytime Sunday with Diane Ferlatte
Thursday, September 14th • 2 hours – 6 – 8 pm – Seminar debrief

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